Patents, A Drawn Out Process

These drawings need to be incredibly scientific, so finger paintings and napkin sketches won’t cut it.

To get the drawing you have two options: do it yourself or pay a drafter.

Paying a professional drafter will get the job done faster and will typically ensure it’s done right. However, this speed and peace of mind comes at a price. The going rate for drafters is around $100 a sheet. Most patents require at least two sheets of drawings, so you can easily spend several hundred dollars to get the drawings.

Doing it yourself will save you money, but not everyone is artistically inclined enough to pull it off. If you’re no Van Gogh, but want to save some coin, here’s what you need to know.

Computers Are Your Friend

It’s 2016 and we use computers for everything, including patent drawings. Computer-aided drawing (CAD) software can make sure all your lines are straight and corners are sharp. These programs aren’t easy to learn so get ready for a learning curve.

CAD programs aren’t cheap either, usually costing hundreds. Doing it this way can still save you money if your patent has a lot of sheets and you’re willing to learn the program.

Back to the Drawing Board (Literally)

Despite advances in technology, plenty of patent drawings are still done by hand using only a pen and a ruler. These drawings are cheap to do yourself, all you’ll need to buy is some India Ink, paper, and a ruler.

The downside, is that hand sketching is a skill most don’t have. The final draft needs to be pristine, totally free of stray lines and scuffs, and must show multiple perspectives.

The vast majority of drawings are done in black and white, but some are done in color when necessary. If your invention requires color drawings you’ll need to:

  • Petition to show why color is needed
  • Pay an extra fee
  • State in the application that you included color drawings
  • Have three sets of color drawings

Snap a Picture

Photos are allowed in a few cases. If it is impossible to properly depict the invention with drawings a black and white photo can be used.

Getting the drawing is just one of the many steps it takes to get a patent. At Parsons & Goltry we’re ready to take every step with you.

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